• Terms & Conditions

    Aeroglen Ltd provides a high quality, low cost solution to capture HD  4K video and photography from the air. We are licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to conduct aerial work – filming and photography from the air and fully insured for Third Party risks. Our equipment is gyro stabilised and can offer high quality still images and HD 4K video from the air up to a height of 400 feet or 120 metres. We are able to provide a service, not only to private persons selling their homes, but also to engineering professionals for survey and inspections.


    Aeroglen would like to advise clients there are a number of variables which must be considered and which can affect quotations. These include, the location of the site, weather and CAA requirements. Work in or around congested areas normally requires express permission from the CAA – clearly, this takes time and is at a cost.


    Aeroglen is based in Aberdeenshire and will operate without any charge for mileage within a twenty five mile radius of our base at Alford and includes the City of Aberdeen. Outside this area, a charge of 45p per mile may be charged in addition to extra costs, accommodation etc but this will be cleared with the client beforehand.


    Booking and deposit
    We are able to accept bookings by telephone or email. It should be noted that a separate site visit may be necessary to ascertain if the projected operation can be safely carried out. A formal risk assessment is required by the CAA however this can sometimes be completed on the day at the site. The landowners permission IS required for the take off and landing site. This is not normally an issue as the client is often the owner or is working on the landowners project. Unless by special circumstances or if time doesn’t permit, we require 20% of the booking to be paid in advance.


    Cancellations and weather
    Remote controlled aerial filming is naturally affected by the flying conditions. If due to weather ( i.e rain, strong winds etc ) and we are not able to shoot, we shall not charge the client if we can make alternative arrangements for the operation to happen at another time. The 20% booking fee will be transferred to another day when we can shoot.


    In the event the client cancels the shoot for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded unless there has been an arrangement to this effect. Costs involved, for example acquiring permissions for operation and exemptions from the CAA cannot be refunded unless the shoot is postponed to another date when the costs and deposit will be carried over.


    Payment is due on completion of the task. The client’s approval of the shoot will be obtained after completion and the data supplied after payment is made. The data will usually be supplied on a USB memory stick unless required by other means. In accordance with Industry practice, editing is not normally carried out by Aeroglen although some limited work may be carried out on videos. Otherwise the client will make their own arrangements for their requirements in this respect.


    Use of material
    We reserve the right to use any of our footage or stills for promotional purposes.The customer may request otherwise at the time at the commencement of filming.